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Sitting on a cannon at Historic Jamestowne
Annie Muirhead
I am currently in my second year of graduate school at New Mexico State University, pursuing an M.A. in Public History. I hope to graduate in December 2013 upon the successful defense of my thesis. I turned to Public History in 2010 as a way to combine two of favorite things: the past and storytelling. Growing up as a "Third Culture Kid," my parents dragged me around the world to this historic site and that museum. I loved encountering these places and feeling the connection to people and events that came before me. Their stories had a place in the world that the characters in my novels never would. 

As I grew older, my love of stories transformed into a passion for the theatre. I did it all: acting, lighting, costuming, stage managing, designing, and even little directing. I leaned how to shape the many aspects of production to form a cohesive story that would envelop the audience. At the College of William & Mary, I did not pursue a degree in theatre, but I stayed involved through student productions, summer jobs, the occasional course, and work in the department's costume shop. I graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in Russian/Post-Soviet Studies and Medieval/Renaissance Studies. Both programs forced me to approach each area through a variety of disciplines.I took courses in history, literature, language, religion, music, and art, constructing a well-rounded path to understanding each world. This approach survives in my ideas about Public History as I strive to present as complete and honest an interpretation of the past as possible. 

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